Matulunga (Citrus medica)

Botanical name: Citrus medica L.

Family: Rutaceae
Habit: An evergreen shrub with straggling thorny branches.
Part Used: Root, flowers, fruit, seed

Vernacular Names: :

  • English: Citron
  • Sanskrit: Maatulunga (मातुलुंग)
  • Hindi: Baaranimbu (बारानिम्बू)
  • Kannada: Mahaaphala (ಮಹಾಫಲ)
  • Malayalam: Ganapatinaarakam (ഗണപതിനാരകം)
  • Tamil: Kadaaranaarattai (கடாரனாரத்தை)
  • Telugu: Maadiaphalamu (మాదియఫలము)


Sweet Variety
  • Taste (Rasa): madhura (sweet)
  • Property (Guna): laghu (light), snigdha (unctous)
  • Potency (Veerya): sita (cold)
  • Post digestive effect (Vipaka): madhura (sweet)
  • Dosha-Karma (Action on Doshas): vatapitta samaka (pacifies vitiation of vata and pitta dosha)
Sour Variety
  • Taste (Rasa): amla (sour)
  • Property (Guna): tiksna(penetrating)
  • Potency (Veerya): usna (hot)
  • Post digestive effect (Vipaka): amla (sour)
  • Dosha-Karma (Action on Doshas): kapha vata samaka (pacifies vitiation of kapha vata dosha)

  • Actions (Karma): kantha sodhaka (helps in cleansing the throat), dipana (enhances appetite), rucya (promotes taste perception), krimighna (anti helminthic)
  • Significant rejuvenative actions (Rasayana Karmas): medhya (memory enhancing), hrdya (cordial to the heart), brimhana (enhances weight gain)
  • Indications (Rogaharatva): Svasa (dyspnoea), kasa (cough), aruci (anorexia), trsna (morbid thirst), krimi (worm infestation), sula (pain), gulma (abdominal tumor), arsa (piles), hikka (hiccough), udara (diseases of the abdomen), mukhasosa (dryness of mouth), vibandha (constipation)

Chemical Composition:
Peel contains citroflavonoids consisting of a mixture of heperidoside - rhamnoglucoside or hesperetol, naringoside and eryodictyoside apart from Vitamin C, hesperidin and rutin
Some varieties contain the flavonoid naringin. Limonin which is a triterpenoid present in some variety gives intensely bitter taste

Promotive and Curative Recipes:

  1. For: Pain in the cardiac region
    Pound fruits to prepar juice and mix with a pinch of rocksalt. It is the best remedy for cardiac pain (Kashyapa samhita, 96)
  2. For: Colic
    Pound the root to make a paste. This should be take in a dose of 10 gms along with ghee (Referance: Cakradatta,26/19)
  3. For: Tastelessness due to fever
    Pieces of matulunga fruit mixed with honey and rocksalt should be kept in the mouth. (Referance: Susruta samhita,Uttara Sthana,39/185)

Important Formulations of Matulunga:

  1. Matulungadi yoga
  2. Beejapooradya ghrta


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